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Zakat Donation

Giving Zakat Breast Cancer Support

Giving Zakat Breast Cancer Support

Giving your Zakat to Breast Cancer Support

I usually give my Zakat abroad, or a different charity here in the UK. Why should i donate my Zakat to Breast Cancer Support. Giving Zakat Breast Cancer Support

There is a genuine need for Muslims to give their Zakat to credible organisations. Breast Cancer Support is the only UK registered breast cancer charity offering treatment and care to breast cancer patients in poverty stricken countries. Many Muslims are simply unaware of the fact that the highest cause of deaths in Pakistan and other developing countries is due to breast cancer. Giving Zakat Breast Cancer Support

Due to culture and other issues breast cancer is a taboo topic within the Muslim communities. There are Muslims living in our communities who are suffering from breast cancer, many of whom are left isolated due to inadequate support structures. They too require our help urgently. As Muslims living in the UK and abroad, it is important that we make a difference. Giving Zakat Breast Cancer Support

How do I know my Zakat is being used for the right purposes?

Breast Cancer Support has a strict policy when using Zakat donations entrusted to us.

Breast Cancer Supports Zakat policy is 100% donation if donated via https://zakat-donation.org

If donated via https://breastcancersupport.org.uk/donate

10% Admin Fee

10% Fundraising

80% Donated to the projects.

All salaries, marketing costs, office rent, utilities and other such expenses were covered with non-Zakat funds, for example Gift Aid or Sadaqah donations.

Anyone who gives Zakat to Breast Cancer Support can be confident that our Zakat policy is in line with the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Can I give general (Sadaqah) donations to Breast Cancer Support?

Yes, we accept general (Sadaqah) donations for projects and expenditure that cannot be funded through Zakat contributions.

How can I donate to Breast Cancer Support?

There are several ways in which you can donate as follows:

Online – this is the quickest and most efficient method.

Zakat Donation 100% Donation Policy

Call our donation hotline on 0300 80 80 900

Can I donate to a specific project?

As a general rule, we spend your donation where it’s most needed so that the most vulnerable Muslims within our communities receive the help and support they urgently require. However, if there is a particular project that you wish to support, please contact us and we can discuss it further insha’Allah.

Can I donate on a regular basis?

Yes, this is something we actively encourage as it helps us to plan our work and future priorities. You can donate on a regular basis through setting up a Direct Debit on our website. Simply visit our donation page, https://breastcancersupport.org.uk/donate and click £3 or £10 Monthly Donation.

Can I amend or cancel my regular donation at any time?

Yes, you can do so by simply contacting us and letting us know what you want to do.

Giving Zakat Breast Cancer Support

Giving Zakat Breast Cancer Support