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Zakat Donation

Zakat Donation

Zakat / Zakah  is one of the five pillars of Islam and is an obligatory act ordained by Allah (The Glorified and Exalted) to be performed by every adult and able bodied Muslim. Zakat Donation Online

Zakat, meaning to purify, is the third pillar of Islam. It denotes the amount of wealth a Muslim is obligated to pay to particular categories of underprivileged people, if their annual wealth exceeds a specific amount.

“And be steadfast in prayer and regular in charity: And whatever good ye send forth for your souls before you, ye shall find it with Allah” (Qur’an 2:110) Zakat Donation Online

Breast Cancer Support distributes 100% of its Zakat funds in line with the Qur’an and Sunnah. Breast Cancer Support uses your zakat in the most effective way possible to relieve the suffering of breast cancer patients in poverty stricken countries.

Your zakat can save lives. Without it, we wouldn’t be here today providing vital breast cancer care for the most destitute in Pakistan, India and Africa. Zakat Donation Online

In some countries, many breast cancer patients are too poor to meet their basic daily needs, let alone the high cost of breast cancer treatment. In the worst cases, some cannot even afford to take away their deceased for burial.

Breast Cancer Support are a very small breast cancer charity but our team work hard to make a difference to people who can’t even afford the transport to get to the hospital. Breast Cancer Support is mainly run by volunteers who want to make a difference to people in developing countries.


Giving Your Zakat

Every adult Muslim whose wealth exceeds the value of nisab, must pay Zakat. Zakat should be calculated and paid on any surplus wealth that you have owned for at least one lunar year. Those who are eligible to receive Zakat payments are those with very little or no income, those who have just entered Islam, those who are in hardship or debt, stranded travellers, those who are working in the cause of Allah.

Why Give Your Zakat To Us

Give your Zakat to the first UK Muslim breast cancer charity to help people who live in poverty and have breast cancer. We hope by giving your Zakat to us we give everyone the best possible chance of surviving breast cancer by helping them with their treatment.

Do I have to pay Zakat?

The more Zakat that is paid, the more beneficial it is to the poor and needy. Before you pay Zakat you’ll need to work out whether you’re obligated to pay Zakat by looking at whether what you own meets the nisab. Pay Zakat

The value of the nisab in prophetic tradition is 87.48 grams of pure gold or 612.36 grams of pure silver so the monetary value of the nisab will vary according to current prices. It requires giving a calculated amount (usually 2.5%) to the poor and needy. Pay Zakat